The World’s Most Reliable and Accurate Subsurface Images (Surface to 1.5Km Deep And Beyond)

Offering 10-1000 times more data points per receiver than any other geophysical survey system, Quantec Geoscience’s proprietary technologies reach depths other systems simply can’t see. Using simultaneous high-density data collection, Quantec surveys indicate the position, volume and alteration of your resource. So, you can confidently create your drill program, ensure better results for financing, and remove the expense of unnecessary drilling.


Orion 3D: True 3D Discovery – See A Complete Picture Of Deposit Depth, Size, And Shape

A Quantec survey investment lasts the lifetime of your project. The full waveform data collected by the Orion 3D ground geophysical survey can be integrated with other data sets. True 3D DCIP & MT acquisition images show how far back the resource extends, the structure, and alteration as well as depth. See how Orion 3D removes risk from your project.


With offices across eight countries, Quantec’s experienced geophysicists mobilise quickly and follow an airtight QA/QC process giving you a shortened time to discovery. 


If having all the details about your project is important to you, call Quantec’s team of geophysical experts to talk about your site objectives–free of charge. 

Why Quantec?

Clients Say they have reduced exploration risk and enhanced drilling returns to create more successful drill programs.

The Leaders Of Exploration: benefit from True 3D MT + DCIP data collection and inversion.

Geophysical Services

Technologycontinuous research and development on  proprietary Systems (Orion 3D, Titan 24, Spartan MT) give you a competitive advantage.

Geophysical Surveys for rugged, remote, hard-to-reach areas and harsh climates.

Clients Like You

Mineral Exploration: discover new mineralisation.

Oil and Gas Exploration: when seismic can’t guide you through permafrost, heavy oil, or volcanic cover.

Geothermal Exploration: satisfy the demand for alternative energy by targeting reservoirs.