About Us

25 years ago, six geophysicists had the foresight to envision great advancement in geophysical exploration. In 2000, their knowledge of the science of geophysics merged with technology to integrate superior acquisition methods. As a result, Quantec’s custom surveys for deep earth and near surface exploration collect more data for precise inversions, helping organisations reduce drilling costs. Now the mineral, oil and gas and geothermal industries can create cost-effective drill programs based on reliable interpretations of the subsurface.


Most recently, 3D acquisition techniques and high-resolution capacity has enabled Quantec to release Orion 3D, the only True 3D ground geophysical survey in the world.


Offering You The Most Detailed Geophysical Surveys In The World


With an in-house Research and Development department and more than 5000 projects completed, Quantec’s proprietary technology has the heroic status of Greek Mythology world-wide:

  • Sharing the scope of that vivid constellation, Orion 3D’s multi-directional DCIP & MT data is collected and inverted in True 3D giving you higher resolution images. Orion 3D offers you the most accurate and clear picture of the near surface to 1.5Km deep using real 3D data collection.
  • The comprehensive size of Titan 24 DCIP & MT is renown for the unparalleled amount of 2D data collected (near surface to 1.5Km deep). More receivers are used than any other geophysical service provider.
  • Named for those famous warriors, the prowess of Spartan MT full tensor magnetotelluric signals hunts deeper than traditional surveys for your resources. Penetrating the earth with full frequency range, Spartan MT gives the deepest possible view at near surface to 10Km and beyond depending on survey design.


As the largest ground geophysical company, Quantec Geoscience boasts the most advanced survey technologies in the world. With offices in Canada, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the U.S.A., Quantec can mobilise faster, anywhere.


More Data Is Collected Simultaneously Over A Full Frequency Range With Quantec’s Acquisition Technologies


As experts in grassroots exploration and highly specialised for near-mine work, Quantec’s technologies employ simultaneous, full time series data collection, and the collective knowledge of a global company of experienced geophysicists for precise inversions.


Holding a long history of exploration success Quantec’s database of experience includes every known ground-based geophysical survey. To serve the evolving needs of exploration clients like you, Quantec continues to improve cutting-edge technologies. Current advances include the rollout of Orion 3D, a real 3D DCIP-MT system.


You Work Hard To Keep Your Site Safe—So Does Quantec


From a strict QA/QC process to staff training, see how Quantec fosters a healthy worksite culture.