Traditional Surveys

Quantec offers safe and high-quality data acquisition, processing, inversion, interpretation and consulting services on traditional surveys like: Time Domain Electromagnetics (TEM); Borehole Time Domain Electromagnetics (BTEM), Induced Polarization (IP) and Resistivity, Magnetics and VLF, Gravity, Magnetotellurics (MT), and Controlled Source Magnetotellurics (CSAMT).


Magnetics, CSAMT, TEM, TEM Plan View, Gravity


However, before you choose a traditional survey, consider whether ORION 3D, TITAN 24 and SPARTAN MT will offer you a better return on your investment.



Controlled Source Audiomagnegtotellurics (CSAMT): a low cost geophysical technique providing deep geologic information based on lateral and vertical resistivity contrasts.


Gravity: a traditional high-precision method for measuring density contrasts relating to economic resources buried at depth.


Induced Polarization (IP) / Resistivity: a means of detecting and mapping conductive mineralization, disseminated mineralization, alteration, geology, etc.


Magnetotellurics (MT): a traditional passive surface geophysical method used to determine the electrical resistivity of the subsurface to great depth. It is effective for mapping conductive zones, as well as deep-seated structures.


Time Domain Electromagnetics (TEM): a traditional technique deployed from either surface or boreholes. Quantec also provides Frequency Domain EM (FEM).


Magnetics: a traditional technique for mapping geologic structure, geology and mineralization in grassroots mineral exploration.


Radiometrics: a traditional technique that measures gamma radiation emanating from the decay of potassium, uranium and thorium radioelements.


Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic (VLF): a low cost, traditional, rapid method of identifying near surface conductors related to alteration zones and conductive mineralization.