Vision, Mission & Management


A global service company revealing the Earth’s resources through committed performance, integrated teamwork and unique technology



Quantec deploys advanced geophysical technologies and expert personnel to investigate the Earth’s sub-surface. We conduct our surveys globally in a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner, respecting the people and cultures we interact with.

We are committed to value creation for our clients, employees and for our owners. To create value we commit to:

  • Reduce exploration risk for our clients
  • Provide a rewarding work environment for our employees
  • Generate growth and profitability for our owners

Management Team

To deliver the best possible geophysical solutions for our clients,  in a safe and cost effective manner, while supporting strong values of innovation and work ethic, Quantec maintains a strong and customer-focused management team with a diverse set of skills.  Our Team has a background in Science, Service and Business management.


Oliver Kuhn: President & CEO

Oliver is a senior geophysicist with many years of management experience in the geophysical service sector. After gaining his B.Sc. (Geophysics) from UWO in 1984, he moved to Calgary to join Geo-X Systems Ltd. as a seismic processor. Over the years he transitioned from technical roles into management, and held various positions, including Processing Supervisor at Geco-Prakla, General Manager at Geo-X, VP Processing at Divestco Inc. and Vice President at Apoterra Seismic Processing Ltd. He has worked in Calgary, Singapore, Wellington, Perth, and now Toronto. He is a member of the SEG, CSEG, and APEGA, and was president of the CSEG in 2006.

Kevin Blackshaw: Vice President, Operations

For over 25 years, Kevin has been running and managing the operations of geophysical surveys throughout Canada, and the rest of the world. Kevin is an expert in all areas of Quantec’s extensive operations. As VP Operations Kevin ensures projects are run to the highest standards while maintaining project timelines and adhering to customer budgets. He has a Diploma in Geological Engineering technology from Sudbury, Ontario’s Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Roger Sharpe: Vice President, Technical

Roger has been leading teams in the geophysical service sector for over 25 years. Having held positions in General Management, Interpretation and Manager of R&D. Roger provides our internal teams with a technical resource for advanced interpretation and equipment development. Clients benefit by having access to a broad range of technical experience. Prior to joining Quantec, Roger was Chief Geophysicist at Battle Mountain Gold Company, and at Multi-Phase Technologies he worked in hardware and software development for environmental geophysics. Roger is responsible for client support, survey planning, QC, data analysis, reporting, and software integration, and the R&D team responsible for maintenance and development of Quantec’s proprietary software and our advanced systems including; Orion 3D, Titan 24 and Spartan  systems. Roger holds a B. Sc. Degree from Queen’s University




At Quantec we value a number of things important to people that work in our sector.

  • Working with people who are professional, hold themselves to high ethical standards, and aim for excellence in everything they do.
  • Teaming up with co-workers and customers in an environment of mutual trust and respect.
  • Learning and focusing on continually improving.
  • Exploring in remote places and overcoming extreme challenges with resourcefulness, expertise and hard work.
  • Creating innovative, leading edge technology.
  • Recording high quality data.
  • Delivering high value and dependable services with commitment.
  • Experiencing the natural beauty of the places our projects take us.