3 Ways To Decrease Risk In Mineral Exploration:

Three ways to decrease exploration risk:


  1. Avoid uncertainties in the early stages of resource development. More accurate data collection and high-resolution inversions give you reliable images of the subsurface. When you’re wondering where precious resources sit, Quantec surveys help you find more certain drill targets.
  2. Present better drill results for financing. Build investors’ confidence in your site so it’s easier to secure financing for further development. Avoid a large amount of the exploration financial risk by confidently drilling in high result areas. Plus, Quantec’s global drill success and world presence gives investors peace of mind.
  3. Identify targets and better manage drilling budgets. Quantec helps you see the size, shape, and position of your deposit so you know where to drill next or whether a property is worth further investment. You’ll minimise the need for drilling before, during and post-drilling by knowing the long-term value of every site.



 Figure 1: Red Chris drill results illustrating that DCIP components appear to be imaging to depths greater than 1200 m.


Figure 2: IP chargeability showing drill results over Silver Queen property.


For the past 25 years, with the leadership of an in-house Research and Development Department, Quantec has been perfecting the technology behind each survey, maintaining a strong management team and improving the science behind DC/IP and MT data collection.


  • Quantec introduced the concept of more receivers and more channels to collect a higher amount of data simultaneously so you can make better exploration decisions from accurate subsurface images.
  • Unlike traditional geophysical surveys, Quantec offers premium high-density data. You’ll have better subsurface resolution to show investors or to plan cost-effective drill programs.
  • As pioneers of subsurface imaging techniques, Quantec has led geophysical exploration with time-series data acquisition, simultaneous collection, and more data points per receiver, leading to the world’s most accurate interpretations near surface and to depth.


With offices around the globe, Quantec’s global leadership from sophisticated hardware and unique acquisition methods is in high demand. Why not speak with a geophysical expert about the geological challenges on your project?