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Quantec Shows You Where To Mine Next


Junior, intermediate and major mining companies wanting to discover new mineralisation on previously explored properties or greenfields have relied upon Quantec for 25 years. Quantec’s history of success for pinpointing drill targets has encouraged financing from investors who reliably see more rewarding drill results.


Subsurface Imaging Surveys: For Grassroots and Brownfield Exploration


Whether in grassroots exploration or amongst the heavy cultural noise of Brownfield sites—such as the world’s largest diamond mine —Quantec’s proprietary technologies help companies identify mineralisation near the surface to depths of 1500m or more.


Titan 24 showing two new pipes of kimberlite bodies at 800 m

 Jwaneng Diamond Mine- Botswana


Using geophysical surveys like Titan 24, Quantec has successfully identified mineralisation of nickel, uranium, copper, zinc, gold, silver, and diamonds around the world. Quantec quickly became world leaders in ground geophysical exploration for all climates and locations, including deposits buried under 700m of permafrost.


Copper/Moly/Gold- 3D MT resistivity iso-surface with drill holes & surface geology

Nickel Sulfide Exploration- Titan line locations and topography












Nickel Sulfide- Sudbury                                                                                Copper/Moly/Gold Porphyry- British Columbia


DC Resistivity Section Showing Gold Mineralization



Gold Mineralization- Nevada


Tailored To Your Goals And The Geology Of Your Site


Measuring galvanic and electric responses to natural resources, Quantec’s custom surveys are tailored to the geology of your site and your project needs. Suitable to the mineral sector, Quantec’s proprietary surveys (Orion 3D, Titan 24 and Spartan MT) measure induced polarization, direct chargeability, as well as magnetotellurics. Because Quantec collects more data, and more data simultaneously via a unique acquisition method, inversions and interpretation are more reliable.

Simultaneous data collection and 10-1000 times as many data collections points per receiver than any other geophysical company in the world, Quantec creates a highly detailed, contrast-based image.


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