Brownfield and Mine Site Exploration



Traditional Mineral Exploration Techniques Are Unreliable When Trying To Extend Mine Life.


Extreme cultural noise ‘in the shadow of the headframe’ includes: power lines, haul roads, and active pits. Traditional geophysical tools are less accurate amongst such interference.


But the unique data acquisition techniques of Orion 3D, Titan 24 and Spartan MT provide more reliable, accurate information for mine planning. Quantec’s proprietary technologies have proven superior for indicating the location, volume and shape of minerals for drill targeting.


Surveys like Titan 24 can just as easily reveal ground condemnation in Brownfield environments as they can analyse large areas for potential targets—even without surface expression. Better digital signal processing, excellent noise exclusion, and sensitive distinguishing of signals amongst surrounding noise is just part of Quantec’s mandate as a world leader in subsurface earth exploration.



Kemess North Titan MT; IP Response Shown Inset                 Red Chris Titan 24 DCIP & MT Section















Mineral Exploration Success In Brownfield


Before using Quantec, The Kidd Creek Mine had unnecessary drill holes throughout the property, leading to wastage in the drill budget and poor cash flow given the low return on exploration costs. Using Titan 24 technology, Quantec’s geophysicists were able to exclude noise from the data during processing. With MT Technology, a new mineral deposit, located 3000 m below the surface, was discovered.






Similarly, despite the heavy cultural noise of the Jwaneng diamond mine, Quantec discovered two new pipes indicating presence of kimberlite bodies at 800 m in Botswana.







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