Mineral Exploration

Helping you achieve exploration success


Using proprietary technologies, custom surveys, and advanced inversion software, Quantec’s geophysical surveys are tailored to all aspects of your site and project. Dimension, orientation of local geology and strike, ground conditions and topography, access, footprint and depth are considered on every job.

To serve you further, Quantec data integrates easily with other results from your in-house team and consultants.


Advanced exploration services include:

  1. Survey planning: Our experts work with you to create an optimal survey design based on physical, geological and financial factors.
  2. Survey execution: Enjoy a shortened time to discovery with more resources deployed and time series data collection.
  3. Data acquisition: True 3D DCIP & MT acquisition including sensitivity adjustment by Quantec experts to reduce noise and further improve quality.
  4. Interpretation: 2D and 3D data models (4D models for oil & gas monitoring applications) show resistivity and IP chargeability contrasts to better determine drill targets.


Quantec’s proprietary technologies include:

  • ORION 3D: Leaders in true 3D acquisition, Quantec is the only company able to offer omni-directional data collection.
  • TITAN 24: 2D DC/IP/MT inversions from one spread is a cost-effective way to get a more complete picture than traditional surveys offer.
  • SPARTAN MT: Full tensor magnetotelluric data designed to penetrate the earth for the deepest possible images.

Traditional surveys such as CSAMT, Mag, and Gravity are also available from Quantec.