Quantec’s Approach: Equipment and Data Quality



Bandwidth: 12 kHz to 5,000 s – application dependent.

Data Acquisition: streaming at up to 48 kHz.  Broadband acquisition from 5000 s to 12 kHz.

Magnetic field sensors: dual tuned coils for added sensitivity.

E-field electrodes: stable-steel plates – available high impedance electrodes.


Data Acquisition & Quality


Spartan MT uses 3 high frequency (HF) and 3 low frequency (LF) coils, which enables the system to acquire continuous TS data.  Using dedicated HF and LF coils allows for maximum sensitivity and the highest quality data possible.  Low frequency acquisition is continuous and is not interrupted by high frequency acquisitions, while HF acquisition is deployed overnight along with the LF acquisition so that the very best signal maybe extracted.


Spartan MT Recording Schedule



Quantec delivers survey results to clients via a strict QA/QC process whereby data is checked and verified by geophysicists to decrease the risk of errors and to provide the highest quality data.  In addition, Quantec has developed sophisticated processing techniques to deal with high levels of cultural noise that are often experienced near geothermal exploration sites.


Geophysical Modeling and Inversion


Quantec has developed proprietary, state-of-the art acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques. Typical data products include 2D or 3D resistivity models.


For interpretation, Quantec utilises the Weerachai 3D inversion codes which use full-tensor, full-frequency data.




 Geophysical Modeling with Spartan MT