Deep Geophysical Technology

Deep accurate imaging of the subsurface

Quantec’s geophysical surveys offer custom design so you really understand the geological elements of your site. Services include data collection, processing, measurement and interpretation. In addition to traditional geophysical technology, Quantec’s in-house R&D team has created a system that offers continuous profiling, signal processing and simultaneous multi-direction data collection. A higher volume of data means inversions are more accurate. And it’s true; Quantec’s proprietary technologies let you see recoverable materials in the earth better than any survey.



Provides for more effective drill targeting


A higher likelihood of success.

Quantec’s 25-year history has created exploration success stories across the globe. With technical innovation from in-house Research and Development (R&D), Quantec clients enjoy the geophysical knowledge provided by variations of three main technologies:

  1. Orion 3D: the only technology designed to simultaneously collect omni-directional DCIP & MT data for True 3D acquisition and inversions. With higher resolution images, Orion 3D offers you the most accurate and clear picture of the near surface to 1.5 km deep using real 3D data collection.
  2. Titan 24: using more receivers than any other geophysical service provider, Quantec collects an unparalleled amount of 2D DCIP & MT data (near surface to 1.5 km deep) for creating cost-effective drill programs.
  3. Spartan MT: full tensor magnetotelluric signals dive deeper than traditional surveys for your resources. Penetrating the earth with full frequency range, Spartan MT gives the deepest possible view at near surface to 10 km and beyond depending on survey design.


Companies like Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. rely upon Quantec surveys to identify mineralisation 1500m below the surface, and use the confidence gained from drilling programs to encourage investors.




Why Are Quantec’s Geophysical Surveys So Superior?


All three of Quantec’s proprietary technologies can simultaneously measure galvanic (DCIP) and electromagnetic (MT) elements. As pioneers of array-acquisition technology, Quantec is unique in using the largest number of individual data receivers. Further, each module is equipped with a GPS clock to continuously record time series of the electrical and magnetic fields.


Three Different Types Of Information Give You A Clearer Picture.


Data collected from direct current (DC), induced polarization (IP) and magnetotelluric (MT) measurements are inverted to a high-resolution image to ensure greater drilling success. The contrast between lesser targets and your priority element’s resistivity and chargeability indicates extractable deposits. (DC and MT measurements identify resistivity zones whereas IP measurements note high chargeability anomalies.)


By measuring an electrical current’s reaction (natural or injected) to the resources buried in your site, Quantec has an assured method for discovering and identifying the shape, volume, depth and position of a deposit for the mineral, oil and gas, and geothermal industries.



Left: DC Section                                                     Middle: IP Section                                                     Right: MT Section


The Most Accurate Way To Identify Drill Targets


1) Simultaneous data acquisition. With 10-1000 times more data points per receiver, Quantec surveys collect more detail than any other geophysical system. The sheer amount of equipment deployed is more than other companies can afford. By distributing signals and collecting DCIP & MT data all at once, Quantec clients enjoy a shortened time to discovery.

2) Experienced operators manage each station ensuring more sensitive, accurate data collation for precise inversions. Expert monitoring ensures noise is removed to further improve quality.

3) All surveys are custom designed to respect local geology and maximise information in target zone.

4) A True 3D picture is generated from measuring in multi-directions giving you greater accuracy, clarity and resolution. As the first and only geophysical survey to acquire data with a multi-directional approach, Orion 3D’s True 3D helps you image the subsurface for more successful drilling.

5) Strict QA/QC process during acquisition and interpretation. All data is checked and verified daily by world-experienced geophysicists for accuracy, completeness, and quality. So, not only does Quantec’s proprietary technology give you better data density and higher resolutions at greater depths, but your inversions are also more accurate.


Plus, a small environmental footprint guarantees Quantec Geoscience technologies—and your investment—are safe, for all living things.