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True 3D Acquisition – The Latest Innovation From The Geophysical Industry Leaders

After 25 years of geophysical exploration leadership, Quantec’s in-house Research and Development team continue to bring innovation to subsurface imaging. Orion 3D’s superior DCIP & MT data collection enables more precise inversions to reduce your exploration risk.





The Only True 3D Acquisition Survey Giving You The Most Complete Subsurface Picture (Near Surface to 1.5 km Deep)


Acquiring three sets of data in multi-directions- DC (direct current), IP (induced polarization) and MT (magnetotellurics), Orion 3D is the only True 3D ground geophysical survey. By collecting 1000 times more data per receiver than any other survey system, you see targets with greater clarity. Orion 3D improves upon Titan 24’s sophisticated digital signal processing for even higher resolution imaging.


Independently distributed receivers offer maximum flexibility for Orion 3D survey layout and design. The highly flexible 3D ground geophysical survey can mobilise anywhere, unlimited to terrain and conditions, to explore sensitive areas.



More Detailed Imaging Than Pseudo-3D, Offset Injection, and Traditional Surveys.




Orion 3D collects a greater volume of data via a series of intersecting orthogonal lines. As the only geophysical service company offering a True 3D survey, Quantec offers you a more detailed sampling of the near surface and to depth. When such a wealth of data is collected, only high quality data are included in the inversion process, enabling a more reliable interpretation. For example, after the Orion 3D DCIP& MT survey successfully mapped—in detail—the known Hidden Hill mineralisation zone, it identified a number of potential targets for further exploration in the Golden Arrow property.












Orion 3D Resistivity Response (left) vs. Pseudo 3D/offset injection Resistivity Response (right)


Orion 3D Ground Geophysical Survey: For Any Geological Challenge You Have.


Quantec’s geophysical experts custom design each survey to overcome the challenges of your site and to give you the best possible view of your resources on the surface and to depth.  From elite technologies to a strict QA/QC process to world-experienced geophysicist staff, Quantec Geoscience’s systems obtain more information than other surveys to maximise your drilling returns.


Talk through your project and data with world-travelled geophysicists–free of charge. Call or email to ask Quantec geophysicists to look at your data set.


If you want to get a more complete understanding of where the minerals sit, or be pointed in the direction of hydrocarbon-bearing shales, Orion 3D gives you the confidence of earth model representation.



Orion 3D offers you the most accurate and clear picture of the near surface to 1.5 km deep using real 3D data collection. Improving upon Titan 24’s sophisticated digital signal processing, Orion 3D’s multi-directional DCIP & MT data is collected and inverted in even higher resolution images. By collecting 1000 times more data per receiver than any other survey system, Orion 3D helps you see targets with greater clarity to reduce exploration risk.




Measured DC-IP components are a true Omni-directional 3D dataset.


Within each “cell”, the multiple “plot points” all originate from different source-receiver pairs to give omnidirectional coverage (similar to tomography).


~60 data points per 100 m x 100 m x 100 m cell




As many individual data receiver module (DRM) units as required/available can be deployed over an arbitrary 3D grid geometry:

Grid of 7 x 7 DRM units = 88,200 data points

Grid of 5 x 5 DRM units = 45,000 data points


Here’s how Quantec Geoscience’s geophysical services, teamed with other data sets, gives you the best chance for drilling into success.


  1. True 3D acquisition to avoid uncertainties in the early stages of resource development. Know the size, shape (volume), vertical and lateral extent of the resource for greater certainty of results. So you know where to drill next or whether a property is worth further investment.
  2. Present better drill results for financing. Better mapping of underground resource pathways helps you confidently drill in high result areas. So it’s easier to secure financing for further development.
  3. Better manage drilling budgets. High-resolution data acquired in multi-directions gives you better detail than any other survey in the world. A complete picture before drilling helps you avoid unnecessary drill holes.


Do You Have Complete Trust In Your Data?

Ask Quantec geophysicists to look at your data set–free of charge—so you can see how much more confidence you could have before you establish your drill program.


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REAL 3D Data Acquisition and Results

Survey System Comparison ChartQuantec Geoscience offers True 3D DCIP & MT (magnetotelluric) acquisition through multi-directional set up. Other geophysical companies do not have the equipment nor the expertise to rapidly and simultaneously gather True 3D data. Generally they collect data in two dimensions and invert it in 3D, which is not as accurate as Quantec’s multi-directional array data collection. Witness how Orion 3D identified subsurface resources better than any other technology.


Quantec’s Orion 3D technology collects data along more lines and in multiple directions. With 10 -1000 times more data points per receiver than any other geophysical system, the higher number of acquisition units and increased number of channels offer greater sensitivity control. So, every aspect of the Orion 3D ground geophysical survey is designed to get you closer to a more complete, more accurate picture, which your team—and your investors—can trust.


*Images below are shown using a 2 km x 2 km survey grid.  The number of data points (transmits and receivers) varies based on the desired survey area/grid layout.



Conventional IP Survey


~1050 Data Points    • Up to 300 m depth of investigation    • 2D Sampling

Conventional Survey Data DensityConventional Survey Data




Pseudo 3D Survey


~5900 Data Points    • 2D resolution to ~500m

Pseudo 3D Data DensityPseudo 3D Survey Data




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~6600 Data Points    • Bi-Directional sampling with DCIP resolution to approximately 750 m,
and MT resolution to 1.5 km in the standard configuration

Titan 24 Data DensityTitan 24 DC_MT Data



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~200,000 Data Points    • DCIP up to 1 km depth, greater than 2 km depth with MT      • Omni-Directional Data

Orion 3D Data DensityOrion 3D High Resolution DC_MT Data


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