SPARTAN Flexible Solutions for Deep Resistivity and IP Mapping


What is SPARTAN?


SPARTAN is a robust autonomous node data collection system for both MT and DCIP data. The SPARTAN MT system is very flexible, capable of rapid deployment and operation in a variety of climates and terrains. In difficult environments where networked linear DCIP systems are challenged, SPARTAN DCIP offers a viable alternative – its large data handling and processing capabilities are well suited to customised DCIP survey configurations.

The SPARTAN systems are deployed globally, in both MT and DCIP modes, to provide clients with unique configurations tailored to challenging environments where deep imaging and high quality data are required.



               Robust, Rugged drill planning solutions from                 near surface to 10 km and beyond










When to use SPARTAN

  • Shallow (0-1000m) exploration – tight station spacing (~200 m), high frequency AMT recording
  • Regional exploration – wide station spacing (500m – 1000m), low frequency recording
  • Harsh / extreme topography – robust, autonomous nodes
  • Complement to seismic – situations where seismic signal is degraded by near-surface, e.g. volcanic or permafrost cover
  • Deep geothermal exploration
  • Minesite and other culturally noisy environments – flexible deployment and ability to record signal in the presence of noise


Designed To Provide Flexible Solutions for Deep Exploration Investigations and Imaging














SPARTAN MT (Magnetotellurics)

SPARTAN MT is a passive electromagnetic technique that maps resistivity by measuring the telluric currents induced in the earth by natural sources:  lightning, solar flares and ionospheric resonances. Data are measured as resistivities and correlate with geology, structure and potential geothermal reservoirs. Spartan MT obtains full tensor data in the 10Khz TO .001 Hz frequency band.

Quantec’s full tensor SPARTAN MT system provides a unique and effective method for obtaining deep resistivity over a variety of terrains. With high portability and flexibility of distribution, SPARTAN MT is environmentally friendly and non-invasive, with depths of investigation from surface to 10,000 metres and beyond. Proven expertise in MT acquisition enables Quantec to deliver premium-quality data and effective interpretations that accurately map resources to depth. In addition, SPARTAN MT has the ability to image where seismic results are poor (such as under volcanic cover, ice or permafrost) and can also be integrated with other data types to provide a truly effective exploration solution.


Volcano_Spartan Section

Evaluate large remote and rugged areas cost effectively 





Example: Deep Resistivity Mapping at Beartooth Island Uranium Prospect,  Lake Athabasca, 




SPARTAN IP utilises a number of autonomous 6-channel data loggers, as standalone or connected to other data loggers, to provide a logistically flexible solution for shallow to deep DCIP surveys. By utilising SPARTAN IP, as an alternate to simple conventional type surveys, both leading and lagging current injections may be measured, which provides bi-directional imaging and eliminates the bias that exists in conventional surveys. SPARTAN IP may also be configured for 3D data collection arrays. High resolution 24-bit data loggers coupled with industry proven TITAN 24 full wave form time series and current monitoring acquisition methods allow SPARTAN IP to collect quality data with large “n” spacing, which significantly increases the depth of investigation.

For surveys that require custom design, due to access restriction and/or large depth considerations, SPARTAN IP provides an alternate and reliable deep solution. SPARTAN IP and can be operated with a small and logistically efficient field crew.


As leaders in MT acquisition, with proven expertise spanning 25 years, Quantec provides high frequency magnetotelluric surveys globally with safe acquisition procedures, premium quality data and expert interpretation.  For Survey design and logistical planning, expert geophysicists and technicians will recommend and custom design a magnetotelluric survey to suit your objectives, and your site’s geology.


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