Titan 24 DCIP & MT



Titan 24 is industry renowned for imaging the subsurface to depths greater than traditional technologies. By exploiting the benefits of distributed and multi-parameter DCIP & MT data, Quantec clients obtain detailed information on resources, alteration, structure and geology leading to more cost-effective drill targeting near surface and up to depths of 1.5 km.


Titan 24 Data


(Above) Titan 24 chargeability model- Copper Mountain Mining Corporation


Titan 24 offers greater certainty of results for more accurate drill targeting, and reduces the number of drill holes required.


The sheer size of the Titan 24 DCIP & MT survey was comprehensive enough to establish Quantec as leaders of geophysical services.  The number 24 is emblematic of the survey’s cutting-edge features: a longer line length for greater data collection; increased equipment for a large network of simultaneous sensors; better quality of equipment with 24-bit technology; sensitivity adjustment for local conditions; and time series collection.


Sampling More Data, Faster: The Titan 24 DCIP & MT Geophysical Survey Increases Exploration Accuracy.



Titan 24 employs a larger array (generally a 2400 metre spread) delivering more accurate subsurface detail than traditional means and airborne methods. Two sets of induced polarization (IP) data (forward and reverse) are recorded in one spread. The high-density data collection in Titan 24’s IP Survey collects 10-1000 more data points per receiver than traditional IP surveys. Plus, being able to remove noise for detection of smaller signals is another unique feature of Quantec’s geophysical services.


Better resolution for a more sophisticated way to measure data


Because of Titan 24’s set up and elite equipment, other geophysical surveys cannot gather as many points of data as Titan 24. Instead, Titan 24 gives a more sensitive and complete picture showing the geology, alteration and depth of the structures. The full time series data allow for collaboration with other data sets. For example, Titan 24 has been used to further define airborne results.


Customised For Your Geological Challenges and Exploration Objectives:

Quantec’s geophysical experts custom design each survey to overcome the challenges of your site and to meet your project objectives. Each survey’s layout and design are structured to give you the best possible view of your resources on the surface and to depth. Plus, Quantec can further refine data collection to suit local conditions. Survey sensitivity is adjustable to ensure you receive the most accurate subsurface interpretations.


(Above) Titan 24 DCIP & MT Survey Profile-  Newmont Mining Corporation



Feel Like Your Data Isn’t Complete?

Ask a geophysicist to look at your data set– free of charge. Talk through your exploration objectives and data with world-travelled geophysicists before you explore a new site or plan a drill program.




Titan 24 focuses drilling efforts and clearly prioritizes targets for a more cost-effective—and rewarding—drill program.


Titan 24 surpasses your normal return on survey investment by being able to image the subsurface at depths greater than traditional technologies. So you receive precise interpretations based on more extensive data collection.


Make Informed Drilling Decisions

Traditional IP Exploration Approach                                     

Titan 24 IP Exploration Approach


More Data At A Higher Quality = Superior Interpretation And Drilling Results




How Would Quantec Customise A Survey To Help You Determine The Best Drill Location On Your Site?

Located in eight countries and able to mobilise on any continent, phone or email Quantec to speak with an experienced geophysicist about the geological challenges of your site or prospective property.